Genesis Global’s $414 Million Crypto Portfolio Sees Strong Growth

1. Over 50% of the $414 million Genesis portfolio is comprised of Ethereum and ERC-20 tokens.
2. USDC makes up 32.68% of the portfolio, with other assets like COMP, SAND, and APE making up 11%.
3. The trading wing of Genesis Global is still active and not under chapter 11 bankruptcy protection.

Genesis Global is one of the leading players in the cryptocurrency space, and it’s no surprise that its portfolio is heavily weighted towards Ethereum and ERC-20 tokens. According to on-chain data from Jan. 23, 51.4% of Genesis’ assets are ETH, while 32.68% are USDC. This fiat-pegged stablecoin is issued and managed by Centre, a company co-founded by Coinbase, Bitmain, and Circle. The remaining 11% of the portfolio is made up of other assets such as COMP, SAND, and APE, distributed between Avalanche, Fantom, and BNB Smart Chain.

The portfolio has benefited from the market-wide recovery in January, and it is worth noting that the assets have swung from $9.7 million to $414 million in just a few months. While Genesis’ crypto lending firm recently filed for bankruptcy protection, its trading wing is still active and not under chapter 11. This means it is still actively engaged in client trading operations and that the assets in the portfolio are not claimable.

Overall, Genesis Global is in a good position to capitalize on the cryptocurrency market and the current trend of digital assets. As cryptocurrency continues to gain mainstream adoption, Genesis Global will be well-positioned to take advantage of the growth and generate considerable profits. With the right strategy, Genesis Global could be a major player in the industry and continue to be a leader in the space.

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