AzukiDAO Launches Proposal to Recover 20K ETH from Founder

• AzukiDAO has proposed a plan to recover 20,000 ETH from its founder, Zagabond.
• The proposal is in response to the launch of Azuki’s new NFT collection, “Azuki Elementals,” which sold out in under 20 minutes for 2 ETH apiece.
• Problems arose during the launch, such as website overloads and an extensive overlap between the original Azuki and the new Azuki Elementals.

Azuki Proposes Plan to Recover 20k ETH

AzukiDAO has launched a proposal called “Hire a lawyer” to recover 20,000 ETH from Azuki founder Zagabond. The move will help AzukiDAO retrieve funds from the team, promote the entire community, reward artists and incentivize them. In addition, it will go towards organizing a research team for the lawsuit.

Background: Launch of “Azuki Elementals” NFT Collection

The controversy began with the launch of Azuki’s newest series called “Azuki Elementals”. The series sold out in under 20 minutes for 2 ETH apiece, bringing the total for sale to $38 million. However, accusations of unfair practices and a suspicious price decline in the original Azuki collection arose afterward – dropping from over 17 ETH to just 5.8 ETH.

Issues During Launch

Problems arose during this launch such as website overloads causing Mint failures and an extensive functionality overlap between the original Azuki and this new version. This caused further controversy when it was found that after this launch that 20,000 ETH had been transferred by project leaders raising questions into legitimacy of this transferral.

“Missed The Mark” Statement

In response to these concerns raised after the launch of “Elemental” series ,Azucky released an official statement admitting they have “missed the mark” on their attempt at expanding their universe saying that even though they wanted to grow their Garden and bring more members aboard they failed due to ambitious goals leading to much community unrest .

Conclusion: Hiring Lawyer For Reimbursement

As a result ,the proposal aims at hiring lawyer who can aid them in filing lawsuit alleging misconduct against Zagabond so as reimburse back lost funds into their community while rewarding artists through incentives provided by fund .

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