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AKUSTYK is an online resource for linguists, including free speech analysis & synthesis software, tutorials, online seminars, and equipment reviews.

What's new on January 29, 2015.

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The JVC digital archiving solution: a perfect technology for long-term preservation of linguistic data.

Learn Praat scripting:

Akustyk 1.9.x installation tutorial:

Akustyk 1.9.x has a new installation method from source code. This video tutorial shows you how to install Akustyk on Windows, Mac OS, and Linux.

Set up custom sound systems:

Here's a link to a video tutorial showing how to set up custom sound systems via YouTube.






New tutorials:


New video tutorials:


New Reviews:

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Sites to visit:

  • The Linguistic Variationist List <>
  • Metro Sound and Lighting is an excellent retailer in Saint Paul, MN. These guys have lots of euqipment in stock, and are very knowledgable and helpful. Highly recommended!
  • Digital Audio Field Recording Equipment Guide from Vermont Folklife Center's Andy Kolovos is a great resource that will save you lots of time browsing the Internet for information on field audio matters
  • Recording Phone Calls is an excellent guide prepared by
  • Oade Brothers Audio is a great place to buy equipment and get advice

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Akustyk for Praat

Akustyk is a comprehensive vowel analysis software package. It installs as an add-on to the popular software, Praat (, developed at the University of Amsterdam. It has been designed to facilitate accurate and sophisticated acoustic analysis of large data sets. Akustyk's functionality ranges from preparing audio files for analysis to producing high quality plots and graphs. Akustyk is of particular value to researchers working in the field of sociophonetics, though it may be successfully used in other fields as well. Akustyk has also been implemented in student labs, where it is used as a graduate student research and teaching tool.

Akustyk is free and open-source. I receive no funding for the development and maintenance of Akustyk. If you find Akustyk useful and would like to support its further development, please make a secure donation via PayPal by clicking the button below (any $US amount you'd like).

Thank you!

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